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Where To Learn Search Engine Optimization: Your Inside Guide 

Where to Learn Search Engine Optimization: Your Inside Guide 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered to be a specialized skill that can be very beneficial for you, whether you are working in a firm or as an independent contractor or a business owner.  

There are many choices on where you can learn SEO. You may do it all by yourself, or you can also look for a mentor to guide you. Another option is to find the right place to learn. It can be a real educational institution or a virtual one. With such, you can enjoy the benefits of SEO for your business.

Here are more options where you can begin: 

 1. Free Online Materials

There are many free guides and tutorials you can find about SEO techniques and tips. These can be in the form of PDFs, e-books, video tutorials, and more. These free online guides are beneficial especially for beginners. These works well with them because they provide the most comprehensible material and explanation for starters. 

  • Good side 

The advantage of learning through free online materials that are available anywhere on the internet is that you, of course, don’t have to pay for them. In addition, they are easy to find and accessible.  

  • Bad side 

Since these materials are free and can be found with just one click, you can’t be certain about their credibility and authenticity. There’s no guarantee if the material you are currently reading is useful or will work for you. There’s no way to complain either since it’s for free. 

2. Literary Works

For old souls out there who prefer books instead of online materials, this one’s for you. Books are advantageous, too, when it comes to their resources and credibility. Unlike online articles, books go through the process of revising, editing, and fact-checking before publication. 

  • Good side 

Compared with the free online materials, published books are more trustworthy. Published literary works cannot make it to the market if it is not credible enough. Furthermore, the author is putting his or her name at stake. 

  • Bad side 

Books can be outdated. Because they are hard to update and it takes a lot of time and complicated process to make it. Making a second edition or third or so on is not as easy as one-two-three. Thus, books which may be published around 2009 will no longer be applicable for today’s training.

3. Conferences and Events

If you are more eager to know SEO in real and with physical appearance, then works for you. If you are the type who can learn faster with physical engagement, then do it. However, be careful in choosing a meeting to attend to. 

  • Good side 

It is much easier to learn when you are interacting physically. Eye contact, the tone of voice, body language and more are factors that help you absorb everything easily. It is easier to examine their expertise and credentials when you are interacting with your mentors physically. 

  • Bad side 

In big conferences, it is more difficult to reach out with a more significant number of audience and to ensure if everyone understands. There are instances, too where they only discuss the topic lightly and shifting to a related field and later promoting networking.

4. Online Classes

Virtual classes can be done by webinars, phone calls, coursework and more. They also provide certificates for those who completed the course. This is an excellent guide to help you every step of the way.  

  • Good side 

It is useful for some. They provide step by step modules which you need to take for a given time. After finishing and fully understanding the first ones, then you will be referred to the next one. They entertain questions, too and help you come into a full understanding of the topic. 

  • Bad side 

As mentioned, it is useful for some, not for all. Taking online classes may not work for all. If you are the type who gets easily bored, then this is not for you. Discussions through webinars and phone calls can be long and tedious for you to handle.

5. Building Your Own

As said, ‘experience is the best teacher’. Creating your site and optimizing can be a great way to learn how to do SEO. You may start small and don’t rush yourself in jumping to bigger and unmanageable things. Working first-hand with it will help you fully understand how it works. 

  • Good side 

Building your site will help you experience it. And through first-hand experiences, then you will be able to learn more. 

  • Bad side 

If you have zero experience and totally no idea about SEO, this one is not advisable for you. Better gain more knowledge about it before jumping on this. 

The Bottom Line 

There are so many ways on how to learn SEO. Although, one methodology may not effectively work on the other, don’t be discouraged. There is undoubtedly one which works for you. In developing your skills and expertise in SEO, you need more common skills. You need to be patient, diligent, and consistent. Nothing is hard in learning SEO; however, nothing is easy as well. 

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