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Ways To Improve Your SEO To Make Your Business Thrive Online 

Ways To Improve Your SEO To Make Your Business Thrive Online 

Because of the advancement in technology, the way of doing business has now dramatically improved. Gone are the days when having a physical store was the only way for you to have a business. In today’s age, online businesses are currently thriving.  

There are various avenues wherein you can successfully have an online business that’ll earn just as much as a physical store. However, this doesn’t imply that having an online business is easy. Just like every business platform, the problem with an online business mainly revolves around the stiff competition.  

An online business’ potential customers is not limited to the location where you’re situated. In fact, you can reach the entire population through your online business. However, turning them into a buying customer is the problem. The difficulty arises from the fact that there are thousands of other businesses selling the same products as you, which are also competing for the same level of competition. 

For you to thrive above the competition, you have to apply the best and the most up-to-date Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques with the help of professionals or on your own if you know how. This refers to the ability of your web page to reach the top search results when an Internet user searches for the product niche that you’re selling. It’s only through the employment of proper SEO techniques that you can be just as competitive as other online businesses, or even better. 

Here’s a breakthrough, coming from best like-minded SEO partner in the industry, on why you need SEO for your business:

1. Content Is Always Key

While the techniques and practices in SEO are constantly changing, other strategies remain constant. One of these is the importance of content.  

Always give importance to the content of your online business. Remember, it’s in your content that the crawlers of search engines will get to skim, or scan through your page. It’s here, then, that they can make the ascertainment as to whether or not your online business deserves to reach the top search results. 

The critical guidelines for you to remember, as regards your content include: 

  • Always keep your content relevant and up-to-date. (In this case, your business’ products should be those that are answers to the commonly searched problems or products of Internet users). 
  • Always keep your content brief, but concise. Internet users want convenience, and they certainly don’t have all the time in the world to read through content that’s too wordy. (In this case, your content here refers to the descriptions of the products that you’re selling). 

2. Enable A Mobile-Friendly Interface

This tip is one of the most commonly neglected strategies as regards to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You have to ensure that your page is mobile-friendly.  

Internet users now spend a lot of their idle time glued to their mobile phones. Whenever they take a break from work or whatever it is they’re doing for the day, it’s on their mobile phones that they search for almost anything, which includes products and services that they would like to purchase. From buying products to booking airline tickets and other services, all of these can be achieved through a mobile-friendly interface. 

If you still haven’t done this for your site’s page, then this is an area of SEO that you have to work on right now. Better yet, you can also develop an App for your shop. When you do this, you’re allowing yourself to offer more convenience to Internet users. Plus, you’re increasing your market reach, too.  

Imagine all the potential customers that you’re going to lose simply because your business’ web page is not mobile-friendly.

3. Use Social Media To Your Advantage

If you’re an avid social media user, think about the millions of other people all over the Internet that are on their social media accounts, too. This is a promotional avenue that you should use to your advantage. Social media is one of the most powerful mediums for you to promote your business and to send out a message to the whole world. 

There are two ways for you to use social media for your business: 

  • Use social media to sell your products and services 
  • Use social media to promote your web page or app that has promotional images and videos on the products and services that you’re selling 

4. Incorporate Keywords

Like your content, one of the factors that have remained constant in Search Engine Optimization is the importance of keywords. Without keywords, your business will not be able to make it to the top search results, as there’s very little room for search engines to read through your content.   

As you’re selling products and services, you can incorporate your keywords strategically on certain areas of your business’ web page, like the following:  

  • On your page’s headings and categories 
  • On your products’ and services’ descriptions 
  • On your features tab or a blog 

 Before you go full blast on incorporating keywords into your page, you should make it a point to do your research first as to what keywords are relevant as of the moment. Here, you’re also assured that the keywords you have placed on your content are those that are commonly searched by Internet users. 

5. Be Updated With Latest SEO News

Say, for instance, today, you have done a revamp of your online business by incorporating the latest techniques and trends in SEO. You never know, for the next coming months, these techniques and trends might already be obsolete.  

 There are some techniques in SEO that change or evolve faster than others, and it’s up to you to ensure that you’re one of the very first to be updated on these trends. 

 One of the key ways for you to be informed on the latest SEO techniques include looking through websites, like the following: 

  • SEOChat 
  • SearchEngineJournal 
  • SEOBook 

Learning never stops. You have to go with the flow to explore the best possibilities for your online business.

6. Engage With Your Customers

 If you look through the website of most online stores, you’ll notice that there’s that small portion below, or a tab, that allows for a question and answer forum. If not, there could also be a pop-up of computer-generated forms, for their web page visitors to key in their questions, comments, requests, and suggestions. This is not there for no reason at all. It’s there to comply with Search Engine Optimization techniques as well.  

 The more engaging you are with your customers, the better your ratings become with your customers. It’s here that they can sense that you’re concerned about them and that you strive to serve them better. This improves your reputation with your loyal customers, whereby these customers also get more motivated to do their part in spreading the word about your business. 

 7. Add Links

 Just because you’re selling products and services, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to add links to your site. Most business websites have a “features” or “blog” section on their page. The content of these features or blog section are usually on topics that are related to the products that you’re selling. 

 For example, let’s say that you’re selling children’s educational toys. You should have a tab that has articles on the role that the toys you’re selling have to play in the development of your child. These articles are enough to convince your website visitors that they need to purchase the things that you’re selling – for the betterment of their children. In these articles, you can employ even better strategies by attaching links. This is known as link building, and it’s commonly practiced by other websites that have blogs, too. 

 Hence, even if you’re selling products and services, this doesn’t mean that you cannot go for link-building as well. Link your page to helpful external resources that are also authorities on that field. This strengthens your trustworthiness and reputability as a seller.  

 Plus, the best thing about link building is that you’re also letting other online pages know that you exist. When they see your page, there’s also a higher chance of these other web pages linking to your business page, as well. There, you enjoy a win-win for your online business. 

 8. Improve Your Page’s Loading Speed

 Another aspect of SEO that you have to give importance to is for you to improve your page’s loading speed. Doing this can be quite tricky, especially as your website will naturally have a lot of photos and videos attached. After all, you’re selling products and services.  

 The best way for you to keep your photos to a minimum is for you to attach only those pictures that are relevant. For instance: 

  • Stay away from posting other media, other than those of the products and services that you’re selling 
  • If there’s any product that you have already phased out, or that is sold out (and you have no intention of restocking), delete this from your page. When you do this, you’re making more room for more important photos on your page. 

 Even a simple practice, such as incorporating the two techniques mentioned above, should be enough to drastically improve your page’s loading speed.  

Remember that Internet users are very particular about that fact. If it takes too long for them to wait for your page to load, chances are, they’re going to leave your website and go for another business that’s selling the same or similar products as yours. Right there and then, you already lose your potential customers. 

 9. Include Image Alt Text

 Alt Text, or alternative text, is similar to a caption on your images that describes what the image is all about. These captions pop out during instances when the user trying to visit your site suddenly has a very slow Internet connection, which disables the successful loading of images. Unfortunately, situations such as that are beyond your control. But, you have a chance to still keep your potential customers on hold – through your Alt Texts. 

When the image doesn’t load, the Alt text pops as a description. Hence, the Internet user still has an idea as to what that image may be, or what it may look like. In their mind, they’ve made a mental note to revisit your page when they’re in a location with a better Internet connection to finally view that image. Hence, through the employment of that SEO strategy, you’re still able to keep a potential customer coming back to your site. 

 10. Keep Your Site Easy To Navigate

 Earlier in this article, it was emphasized that you have to make your website into a mobile-friendly interface. Apart from doing that, you should also strive to keep your site accessible to navigate through.  

 The Internet is now filled with a population of all sorts of people. Some are tech experts and have no problem finding their way around the Internet, or through confusing sites, while others are beginners, they only know the basics. 

 As you design your business’ web page, you have to take into consideration the needs of this population of Internet users. Prioritize them, such that your site is easy to navigate. Keep your site fuss-free, and make sure that they have what they are looking for, right there and then.  

 For example: 

  • Your content or products should be categorized into groups and headers that are easily clickable  
  • Your site should have a “search” option so users can quickly type what products they’re looking for 


 Change is the only thing that’s constant in this world, and this holds truer than ever in a highly competitive industry, such as online businesses.  

 In the digital business industry, the strategies that you employ to keep yourself competitive are also continually changing. While some stay fixed and classic over the years, with SEO, it’s different. Every year, the techniques are continuously improving. Hence, you also have to be competitive enough for you to stay in the competition.  

 With these tips on how to improve your SEO, now you have a higher possibility of better visibility on the Internet, which also means a thriving online business. 

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