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Atjeu Publishing owns is own hosting facilities and is not collocated with any other hosting or other companies. Our data center has state of the art Cisco router, Cisco IDS, and HP switches. We have dual automatic redundant HVAC (climate control) for maximum server reliability. We have dual power backup including UPS systems for all equipment and a Natural gas powered generator system with an automatic transfer panel. Should utility power ever fail, the UPS systems kick in and power the entire network while the generator automatically starts, warms up, and then switches from utility to generator power in less than 1 minute. When utility power is restored, the automatic transfer panel switches back. The UPS systems also condition and voltage regulate incoming power to ensure consistent and clean power to all servers, routers and switches. We support all sizes and shapes of servers from 1U rackmount to full tower cases. All servers have a dedicated switch port for the best in speed and security.

Atjeu Fiber

Atjeu Publishing has its own private 24 count SONET Ring fiber optic connection. This ring, at the absolute minimum, has the capability for at least 6 OC-192s. Atjeu is currently utilizing an OC12 MUX on this ring, however, in less than 30 minutes this can be upgraded to anything from a single OC-48 to multiple OC 192s. Fiber optic lines are much more reliable then copper because they are not subject to electrical interference and they do not require electrical repeaters to boost the signal. This leaves less points of failure and exempts fiber from failure do to weather conditions including lightning and water. In addition, fiber optical cabling has a much greater capacity for bandwidth then copper. In fact, a quarter inch fiber optical cable can easily carry as much bandwidth as many many feet of copper cable. The SONET ring technology carries the fiber optical cable in a ring giving any point on the ring access to any other point on the ring even if the cable (ring) is cut. With copper cable, a cut will disconnect the two ends. It is important to note that many data centers and hosting companies share bandwidth and lines, whether fiber optic or copper. Atjeu has its own private dedicated 24 count fiber line and its own private dedicated internet connections (bandwidth). Neither the fiber optic cabling, nor the bandwidth is shared.

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