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Are you caught in the middle betwen not being able to afford a dedicated server but needing more then just a shared hosting plan? Then VPS/VDS Hosting is for you. VPS/VDS Stands for Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server which are two tems for the same thing. Imagine if you could share a dedicated server with just a few other people and have your own root access in complete privacy just as if you had your own dedicated. Atjeu’s VPS/VDS hosting packages are a great way to affordably run your own server sharing only the hardware. If you have more questions on what VPS/VDS is, read the FAQ below.

  • All VPS/VDS Hosting Plans are on our OpenVZ SCSI Raid 5 and 10 Intel Dual Xeon Hyper-threading and AMD Dual Core Dual Opteron servers! All plans come with either CPanel/WHM or Plesk 8 or Webmin, which are web based user interfaces and control panels to give you maximum control over your server, resellers and web sites with ease.
  • All accounts come with S.A.M. The ATJEU Customer Support and Management System. View Invoices, update billing information, open live interactive support tickets 24/7/365 and much more.
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