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How Video Marketing Can Benefit Your Small Business  

How Video Marketing Can Benefit Your Small Business  

Video marketing is an area that has been in existence for a long time. Picture the TV adsthey use the concept of video marketing. Fast forward to 2020 in the era of social media, blogs, and websites, and the appetite for video is growing exponentially.  

If you look at YouTube statistics—the second most popular social platform—you will notice the following:  

  • It has 2 billion active users every month. 
  • billion hours of YouTube content are watched every day. 
  • 90% of users discover new products or brands on YouTube. 

TikTok, another video platform that is barely four years old, has already amassed 800 million active usersmaking it more popular than LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

So, why do video platforms become famous and dominant players on the internet? 

Benefits Of Video Marketing To Your Small Business 

Videos offer real-life and relatable view of things. On the other hand, users or consumers get informed in an entertaining and very simple way. Unlike blogs or articles where you have to sift through tons of information, consumers get information much faster with videos. 

Small businesses can make video interviews, tutorial videos, product demos, and reviews, video testimonials, live streams, and video ads to send messages to their customers. 

That said, how will your business benefit from investing in a video marketing campaign? 

1. Reach New Audiences

In marketing, the sole objective is to expand your business horizons and reach as many people as possible. When you create a video for your small business, you help in the following aspects:  

  • Shareability 

    Videos offer a captivating way of telling stories, which consequently increases the applause rate. A witty advert is likely to be shared across many social media platforms. This, in turn, opens your reach to new and unsponsored audiences. 

  • User Demographics

    If you are having a hard time convincing users aged 14-25 years to buy your products, TikTok can ease your struggle. Creating video content can also help you assimilate with users who are comfortable on certain platforms such as YouTube. Young people, for instance, enjoy spending time in TikTok so videos can help you achieve highly targeted marketing by leveraging on existing platforms. 

 2. Take Advantage Of Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is sustained through the creation of unique, captivating, and informative posts. Marketers are therefore required to keep re-inventing to command loyalty from followers. For example, a small business selling computers can create videos to break away from the monotony of normal posts like articles or texts. 

By using live stream options found in various marketplaces like on Facebook or Instagram, a business can give a tour of the workplace to help create a real-life picture to clients. This can result in reactions such as comments, likes, and even calls from clients requesting orders. 

On the other hand, you can make a video product demo to create better knowledge on the use and other functions of a certain item. 

3. Search Engine Preference

Search engines such as Google is one way of getting clients. Any resource available online can be discovered by search engines. To help improve your chances of discoverability by Google, including video content helps a lot. This is because there is a 53% chance that your content will be found by Google if it contains a video. 

Optimizing videos by ensuring they have good descriptions, informative content, and title tags can further enhance your chances of success. As a reward, Google ranks your page highly on search results, thus translating to more traffic to your site. 

4. Leveraging On Video Platforms 

The popularity of video platforms is an indicator that a huge percentage of internet users can be found there. A clear example is YouTube with its 2 billion users per month.  

Below are ways small businesses can benefit from this: 

  • Using YouTube Influencers

    A small business can tap into the popularity of a local content creator to reach new audiences. You can sponsor content in popular YouTube channels to originate business or conduct advertising. 

  • Creation OA YouTube Channel

     A small business can create a video channel that can be hosted on social media sites like TikTok or YouTube. This can act as a source of information to clients, an extra source of revenue, and a way to reach other users. 

  • Creation Of Video Ads

     To reach tons of people, you can pay for video ads. These ads are subsequently placed in popular YouTube channels, Facebook, Instagram, and websites. 

Once a business has created a video, it can then be optimized according to channel requirements. These videos will, in turn, get traffic from searches relevant to your content. 

5. You Can Easily Measure Your Campaign Performance 

The good thing about video marketing is the ability to analyze metrics that reflect on your business objectives. To achieve progress in marketing, you need to allocate every unit of cost to some level of improvement businesswise. 

These are some of the metrics that can help you assess your campaign success: 

  • Views

     This helps you understand the reach and awareness your video is creating. A Facebook video played for 3 seconds is counted as a view. 

  • Play Rate And Replays

     With these options available in website plugins and social media platforms, you can gauge direct actions from users or consumers.  

  • Shares 

    This is one of the best ways to gauge how impactful your video is to users. Sharing helps reach more people. If your video isnt getting shares, you can improve the content or encourage users to share. 

  • Impression

    This shows the number of times the videos are displayed to audiences without further action. A big impression is good, but views are the ultimate measure of success. 

Depending on where you want to place your video marketing campaign, there are tools to help you gauge its effectiveness. For instance, Facebook has a business campaign manager that helps you gather all the data you need from your activities. 

6. MarketingAnd Consumer Trends 

Trends and consumers’ preferences dictate our actions as marketers and business owners. Below are some key statistics that will help you understand how the world is shifting towards video marketing: 

  • Consumer’s Preference

    According to research, 84% of consumers are convinced to buy a product after watching an explainer video. The study also found that 66% of consumers prefer a video demo to know more about a product.  

  • Marketing Direction

     The same research also found that 85% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool. 

The above two statistics point to the shift in preference from both the marketers and consumers. The general trend on the internet points to growing content being in a video format. By 2020,  Facebook predicts that 75% of the world’s mobile traffic will be directed to videos 

7. An Effective Way Of Marketing 

The most effective way of marketing should reach the biggest possible audience by using the least cost. On the other hand, the budget spent on marketing is dependent on how fast the target audience gets the message. 

Below are pointers that indicate the effectiveness of video: 

  • Superior Impact Value Than An Image

     Remember the old saying, A picture is worth a thousand words? A video has an even bigger impact. A small business can make a 5-minute video to summarize so much about products, processes, staff, culture, and other areas of interest. Videos offer a 360degree view of things.  

  • High Return On Investment (ROI)

    Your marketing efforts should at least correlate with good results—increased sales, conversions, subscriptions, and inquiries. Seventy-three percent of marketers found a better return on their efforts using video marketing. 

Overall, as a business owner, many marketing efforts are needed to make your entity thrive. Video marketing will tremendously improve effectiveness and customer acquisitions. 

 8. Reaching Lazy Audience 

Audience reading habits vary from one person to the other. This is the reason marketers enhance the retention and reach of messages by a variety of content types. Despite your efforts to engage using images, text, testimonials, and info graphs, there is a need to rinse further. 

Short videos created in fun, engaging, and packed with information can help you reach the laziest audience. 

 9. Increase Conversion Rate

Transitioning a customer from one stage of the sales journey to the next shows progress. Other forms of advertising may feel pushy and direct, and this may frustrate your marketing efforts. This calls for small business owners to innovate. 

This is how videos can prove to be a masterstroke to your efforts:  

  • Live Videos 

    Using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you can do live demonstrations for your products. Customers or prospective clients can ask questions or offer suggestions that may lead you closer to that conversion. 

  • Entertaining Videos 

    With the help of influencers, comedians, and other creative artists, you can help push your product. Customers can feel valued if they can get product information while being entertained. 

Marketing efforts can be frustrating due to low conversion rates, so video marketing offers a better chance.  

 10. Obtain Trust From Clients 

In the evolution of e-commerce, getting empathy, and obtaining customer trust is a difficult task. Videos can help clients understand you and the products or services you are offering. 

A live tour of the workplace, production area, and other aspects of the business can help debunk any myths and misconceptions. 

Is IWorth ITo Invest In A Video Marketing Campaign?    

Marketing is an ever-continuous exercise that should never cease if the business exists. Video marketing offers a unique opportunity for your advertising goals. If you are looking to engage new audiences, recapture lost leads, or get a high social proof, video is the ultimate solution. 

Video marketing will enhance your brand reach in a cost-effective, measurable, and fun way to your target audience.

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