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How To Combine Direct Mail And SEO To Improve Your Brand 

How to Combine Direct Mail and SEO to Improve Your Brand 

It might be hard to imagine what direct mail marketing and SEO marketing have in common. After all, how could mailing a catalog and worrying about outbound links ever relate to each other? 

Well, digital and traditional marketing work best when they’re used to complement each other. A unifying strategy can give you the best of both worlds—and in this article, we talk about how. 

If you’re wondering about how direct mail and SEO marketing can work for each other’s benefit, you’ve found the right place. 

Direct mail vs. SEO: Setting the differences aside 

The rules of search engine optimization (SEO) are what allow your website to appear in Google’s search results. By optimizing your site for search engines, you increase the visibility of your website and the probability of getting new website visitors. 

People trust Google. Being on the front page of a Google search results page shows that Google trusts your website. As a result, people trust you as well. 

Direct mail marketing, on the other hand, involves sending letters, postcards, catalogs, flyers, or other promotional materials to past, current, or potential customers. This type of marketing allows you to communicate one on one with a customer. It also lets you control who receives your marketing materials, when they’re received, and how many people receive them. 

Incorporating direct mail and SEO into your marketing strategy 

One way to rank your website high on Google is to get website views. When customers visit your website directly (typing your site address in the address bar and clicking “Visit”) or when they click on your website from the search results, Google gets the hint that people trust your website. 

The question, of course, is: how do you draw attention to your website? 

For startup businesses, getting people to visit their site when they have little to no social media following can be challenging. Of course, this challenge is an expected one—how would people know about your website if they don’t know your brand? 

The problem with using social media as a means to drive website traffic is that you have too much competition. What brand isn’t on social media these days? 

It’s challenging to compete with already-established brands when you’re at a disadvantage from the beginning—which is why it’s important to look at other avenues to drive traffic to your website. 

1. You send; they search 

Direct mail marketing can be very effective in raising brand awareness. 

study conducted by Canada Post showed that direct mail marketing materials were easier to process and remember compared with digital marketing materials. Brand recall was also significantly higher for the print materials than the digital materials. 

If you want to get more traffic for your website, feature your web address prominently in your direct mail advertisements. Here are ways you can drive people to your website: 

  • Include discount coupons in the marketing materials you send.

     These coupons should be redeemable only in your online store (and not your physical store, if you have one). Coupons give customers an incentive for visiting your website. 

  • Send a product catalog for your eCommerce website.

    Take advantage of the holiday season and send a printed product catalog that your customers can browse through. Sometimes, a person doesn’t know that they want something until they see it. And since they don’t visit your website, the product catalog can introduce them to their next purchase instead. 

  • Mail them a “personalized” ad. 

    Because direct mail marketing allows you to choose your recipients, you can send a highly specific ad to a highly specific segment of your market. For instance, if you run a drop shipping business, you can send a flyer highlighting baby products to households with parents while also sending flyers about jewelry to single-women households. 

2. Grab their attention 

The study by Canada Post also listed down the different direct mail marketing formats by effectivity. 

Keep these options in mind when choosing how to present your direct mail ads: 

  • Envelope with scent 
  • Dimensional mailer 
  • Envelope 
  • Dimensional with sound 
  • Postcard 

Remember to emphasize your website address in any direct mail marketing materials. Website views are one key component in SEO ranking. 

Direct mail and SEO marketing can go hand in hand to raise awareness about your brand. Finding unique ways to attract customers is a surefire way of establishing yourself as a brand to watch out for—you’ll be a household name in no time. 

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