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Dedicated Servers And Why They Can Be Beneficial To Your Needs

Dedicated Servers and Why They Can Be Beneficial To Your Needs

If you have a website or a blog you want to maintain, you’re likely going to constantly look for servers with features capable of supporting your site’s long term growth. Unfortunately, despite the abundance of service providers, not all of them can provide you with the kind of capabilities your site needs in order for it to meet its maximum potential. This doesn’t mean a server with the power and features for your needs doesn’t exist, however. Perhaps what you’re looking for are dedicated servers, and learning why they can be beneficial to your needs can help you decide whether or not these servers are worthy investing in for your goals.  

It might help to understand just what are dedicated servers first before seeing how they can help your enterprise. A dedicated server, as the name implies, is a kind of server that is both remote and is dedicated to a particular task. If you have a managed service provider, a cloud provider, or a hosting provider, get yourself a dedicated server, the server itself is actually yours and won’t be shared to other applications or customers. Dedicated servers, in essence, provide all the functionalities of having an in-house server, but a backend provider actually does all the management work for you.  

Dedicated Servers: Why Can They Help You 

Interestingly, with the above in mind, you’d likely think that dedicated servers can be quite the inconvenient way of maintaining your website – since the cheaper option is to just share it with others, right? Turns out, depending on providers to get you a dedicated server can actually help you achieve more goals compared to depending on a shared server. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider actually subscribing to a dedicated server:  

  • Flexibility, personalization, and customization on your fingertips

    Shared servers often limit the kinds of changes you can do to the server as it affects the way the server works for other sites. And if your “sibling” sites are totally different in nature from yours, then the changes you can do will most likely be minimal. A dedicated server allows you to take the full brunt of customization options the server allows. T

    his means software options, disk space, RAM, and CPU will all be yours to customize. Dedicated servers can help make sure your server is fully optimized to the needs of your website, which means most likely choosing the software that works best with your website. This gives you much more control with what your site can do for you.  

  • Resources of servers are focused solely on your needs

    When you get yourself a dedicated server, you get all the resources available of the said server to be used according to your needs. This means there won’t be other sites that can potentially clog up valuable RAM and CPU. Dedicated servers also help ensure there won’t be pesky bad scripts on other websites or even bandwidth usage spikes that can potentially slow your server down. Instead, you can actually get more power to be able to have a website that loads and functions according to its intended purpose. 

  • Get yourself a unique IP address

    Servers have their unique IP addresses, which means shared servers do have their sites share IP addresses with their “sibling” sites. Unfortunately, if your neighbor is an adult site or a spam site, you’re very likely to have the rank of that website push down, push comes to shove. If you have a dedicated host, you have an IP address of your own, which is important if you want to invest heavily on your site and have its own unique sets of properties work for you.  

  • Better performance, better security for your site

    The thing about shared servers is that once a malicious program or entity accesses a website, the other websites have a risk of being “infected.” If their “sibling” website is the source of the bad stuff, your website can be dragged down if the infecting website gets a drop in rankings. This doesn’t happen with dedicated servers, as the full uptime of your website is guaranteed. Your server will be much more reliable and sustainable when it comes to giving you exposure to your viewers, as all the bandwidth will be dedicated to you. Security will also be enhanced, as your provider will dedicate all its server’s resources to ensure your website is safe from malware and hackers, especially since if you’re using SSL or FTP.  

  • No longer need to maintain and purchase equipment

    A dedicated server acts like an in-house server, as in a server that’s supposed to be within the site. However, a dedicated server removes the burden of having to build and maintain the fundamentals of your server. This means you can potentially reduce costs over server space and even potentially increase returns of investment because you have more time focusing on the brunt of your site’s potential instead of focusing on maintaining the server. 

The Takeaway: Dedicated Servers Best Serve Specific Needs 

If this is the first time you’ve heard of a dedicated server, or if you’re considering using a dedicated server for your website or blog, it’s important you get a basic sense of what makes dedicated servers helpful before you avail anyone’s services. With the tips above, you’re likely going to have at least a fundamental understanding of what makes dedicated servers useful for various endeavors and objectives, and how you can decide just exactly why you may or may not choose dedicated servers for your needs. Remember to seriously evaluate what you’re using the servers for and why you’ve chosen the servers for consideration in the first place before ever deciding to avail any service.   

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