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Call Tracking Plugins For WordPress: Your Inside Guide

Call Tracking Plugins For WordPress: Your Inside Guide


Call tracking is a useful tool used by many businesses today. With call tracking, businesses can determine if their marketing efforts are effective or not while being able to know what their customers want. Additionally, call tracking also makes it easier for business owners to assess their employees’ customer service skills, make sound decisions for the business and allocate their resources effectively. All the features which a business can get from a call tracking tool can now be integrated into WordPress as a plugin. If you’re already using WordPress, adding call tracking plugins can become the reason why you can experience better results from this platform. 


Call tracking plugins for WordPress can be purchased from different sources. You’ll easily find a reliable source once you search one on the internet.  Many provide professional services which can help your business easily adapt to call tracking plugins for WordPress. If you want to end up choosing the right call tracking plugins for WordPress, consider the following factors: 


1. Cost

When you’re running a business, money will always be an important resource. Regardless of how established or new your business is, you need to be careful about where and how you spend your business’ money. And when it comes to call tracking plugins for WordPress, you should also do the same. Before choosing a company for their services, assess their price first. Can your business afford to pay these services long-term? Are their subscription plans suitable to your business operations? Do they price their services per month, per year or per user? 


2. Security

While the advent of technology has made life easier, it has also created several risks for a business. When choosing call tracking plugins for WordPress, look into their security features. Is the plugin secure? Does it encrypt your data? Who can access and can’t access your data? Using call tracking plugins for WordPress means you’ll be exposing important business information to another medium so you should make sure that this medium is trustworthy. 

3. Ease of use

The amount of money you’ll pay for call tracking plugins will be useless if your business can’t fully use its benefits or if your team members will have a hard time in navigating it. Choose a call tracking plugin for WordPress which is easy to install and use. If you’re planning to let a web hosting team handle the call tracking plugin in the future, put yourself in their shoes and determine if they can comfortably use these tools. 

4. Last updated

The date when the plugin was updated should also be considered. Regardless of the benefits a plugin has, if the developer doesn’t take time and effort to update it, cross this plugin off your list. Steer away from call tracking plugins which aren’t updated for more than two years. You should choose a call tracking plugin which is consistently updated so you’ll have that peace of mind knowing that the developers are improving what you’re using. 


5. Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews found on the internet are as valuable as customer feedback. Do your own homework and look into the service provider’s ratings and reviews. Visit their website and look for a review section. If they don’t have any, look for online communities which discusses the services or has the same niche. This will help you narrow down your search and determine which plugin works best for your business. 


6. Support

If you’re eyeing to use call tracking plugins long-term, choose one which provides timely support. If it takes two days for a developer to reply to your e-mail, paying their services might not be worth it. As much as possible, purchase call tracking plugins for WordPress from a company who’s available the moment you reach out to them. Any delay with the support can also delay your business operations. 


7. Demos, screenshots, and videos

Nowadays, companies which sell call tracking plugins highlight screenshots and videos on their websites. Spend a few minutes in viewing these materials. This will allow you to have an idea on what the call tracking plugin is all about, what are its features and how can this plugin help your business. 


8. Test a plugin

When you choose a plugin which doesn’t adhere to WordPress coding standards, your website will slow down. When this happens, you’ll lose customers instead of gaining. If you want to avoid this kind of problem, look for a website which offers speed checking services. Activate the call tracking plugin for WordPress, test your website’s speed, download the screenshots and take note of the results. If the plugin delays your website, consider looking for options. The call tracking plugin should be beneficial for your business, not do the complete opposite. 


New Strategies, Better Results 


Marketing is a vital factor in a business’ success. You need to have a clear marketing strategy in order to gain customers, compete with other companies and create a brand. Tools like WordPress and several different plugins can help you achieve all of these goals, even if you’re still a neophyte in the business arena. This might even be considered as a cost-effective solution to all of your marketing needs! 


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