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8 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Blog Posts And How To Fix Them

8 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Blog Posts and How to Fix Them

It can be discouraging to know that no one was reading your blog posts when you poured out so  much effort and time into it. It then crosses your mind to just stop writing. Despite your frustrations though, every blogger will experience difficulties in growing his readership. 

It can take years of nurturing and learn how to develop a following. This is more important if you have a blog for a small businesses, which helps you promote your brand.  

If you want to improve your readership, we present you the reasons why no one reads your blog and some solutions to these problems. 

1. Your blog is still new 

Take it from experienced bloggers when they tell you it’s going to take some time to build an audience. If you have a new blog and few followers, this is just normal. Your social media channels may also be limited so that despite constantly promoting your latest post, you have a limited reach.  

Search engines usually give little authority to websites that are new, and it will take some time for your blog to be displayed in search results. When your domain becomes older, it is assigned to more authority, and your posts are more likely to pick up its search engine ranking. 


Keep writing! Just make sure to keep publishing fresh and original content consistently, and you will only see positive growth. 

2. Your blog loads slowly 

A slow-loading website is one of the reasons why readers turn away. People today have short attention spans, and there is a link between high loading time and page abandonment. You should ensure that your website is responsive. 


Run Google’s PageSpeed Insights to diagnose and check what features are slowing down your website.

3. The headlines are not catchy 

Even you wouldn’t care to read about a boring blog headline, right? With today’s fast access to information, you need to work hard to present it enticingly. However, you should never use clickbait, or you are going to lose your readers’ trust. 


Learn about how to create catchy titles. 

4. The content is not helpful or relevant 

If your followers don’t see any value in your blog posts, they definitely won’t read it anymore. You should avoid writing posts that are too short, unclear and unoriginal. 


Create a post that will help your readers solve a problem, offer tips or insights on issues that they are most likely experiencing. You can also provide a new perspective on an exciting topic. When writing, always consider the value of the post you are going to publish. 

5. Your blog lacks promotion 

No matter how useful your post is, no one will read or know about it when you don’t tell it to others. While you may not like the idea of promoting your work, if you want to widen your reach, you need to get comfortable with promoting your blog. 


After publishing a new post, share it all over your social media accounts, your email list or pin it on Pinterest. 

6. Your post has plenty of errors 

Although you may write informally, your writing should still be clear, straightforward and free from grammatical mistakes otherwise your readers will just be turned off. 


Proofread your work. If you can afford, hire an editor to proofread your articles before publishing them. 

7. You are inconsistent 

Do you only post articles whenever you feel like it? If you don’t post consistently, your readers will lose track of you, wonder when they’ll hear from you again or merely lose their patience in waiting for your content.  

They will look at you as unreliable and not trustworthy. You should keep your readers excited, and they should be able to predict when they should hear from you. 


Follow a schedule of posting new content. 

8. You don’t use SEO techniques in your blog.  

You don’t just want to keep the number of readers you have but you also want more people to follow you. This is why you want your blog to be on top of search engine results. 


Learn about SEO techniques you can apply to your blog. Use plugins such as Yoast SEO designed to help you make your posts SEO friendly. 

Final Thoughts 

Promoting a small business using your blog is an important part of branding your products. In today’s digital age, information should be presented in an organized, clear and attractive way to please readers. If your blog posts are not getting enough attention, it might be helpful to work things out as suggested. 

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