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Top 8 Signs It’s Time To Hire SEO Consultants For Your Business 

Top 8 Signs It’s Time to Hire SEO Consultants for Your Business 

As part of adapting to modernization, businesses are going into ecommerce where digital marketing is important to stay competitive. Digital marketing has many aspects, and one of them is search-engine optimization or SEO. In order to appear higher in search engine results pages or SERPs, companies rely on the best SEO practices. 

SEO agencies exist to aid businesses to leverage their online presence, but many are hesitant to hire these experts. If your business can’t afford to hire an entire SEO agency then you might prefer to employ a consultant, instead. 

 Listed below are top eight signs that your business needs SEO consultants: 

 1. Your competitor’s rank is higher

You may have been following all the inspirational advice from different online sites for business advice, there’s still a need for you to rank better on search results compared to your competitors. Studies have shown that the top five results on searches account for more than 60% of clicks, while the last five ranked account for only around 3%. SEO consultants have the expertise to look at where your site needs help and work from there. Here are a few tips to rank higher on search: 

  • Publish valuable content which includes long-tail keywords 
  • Switch to an HTTPS site from an HTTP one 
  • Optimize your website for mobile 
  • Share content across various platforms to improve SEO publishing 
  • Improve your website’s page speed 
  • Use link-building strategies 

2. Your site isn’t on the first pages of search results

If your website isn’t optimized for search engines appropriately, it will be difficult for you to have organic traffic to your site. If this is so, then no one is reading your posts. When you’ve done everything on your end but can’t make your site come up on the first page, it’s time to call for help. By hiring SEO consultants, you won’t be spending so much on paid advertising since they can help with organic traffic. Here’s how to check your ranking: 

  • Checking manually on search engine results 
  • Utilizing your analytics software 
  • Using Google Webmaster tools

3. You can’t keep up with changes

Technology trends are changing fast, even with SEO. If you aren’t able to shift with changes, you will be left behind by your evolving customers. Once you see yourself falling behind because you can’t keep up with the changing SEO pace, consider hiring professional help to ensure your site is up-to-date. SEO specialists quickly adapt with trends and can make proposals on what is suitable to apply in your business. Some SEO trends for 2019 are: 

  • Voice-search optimization 
  • Mobile-indexing 
  • Use of artificial intelligence 
  • Importance of technical SEO like user experience, rich snippets, and so on  

4. Your sales funnel isn’t effective

A sales funnel is the process used by businesses or brands to lead customers into their “ideal” journey from being aware to taking action like purchasing. If you look into your analytics and you can see that people are basically just jumping out of site without going further into the funnel process, then you should start hiring SEO consultants. They will be able to optimize your site page to drive visitors further into your website. Here are sales funnel tips: 

  • Create an impact on your landing page. 
  • Present users with the opportunity to purchase a product or service on both front and back ends. 
  • Consider a membership-based rewards program. 

 5. You have a search engine penalty

Search engines value rules when it comes to SEO to keep their platforms fair, and those who can’t abide can suffer consequences. Poor SEO practices can be penalized by Google and other search engines, whether it was done intentionally or not. Penalties could mean lower ranking until the issues are fixed. If you have a penalty in the past or the present, it’s time to call in the SEO pros. SEO consultants will make sure that your site is following rules and will turn every corner to check what needs fixing. Here are some causes of search engine consequences: 

  • Hidden links 
  • Content scraping or duplicate content 
  • Too many links 
  • Irrelevant links 
  • H1 tag overuse 
  • Page 404 errors 
  • Comment spam 
  • Other black hat SEO methods 

6. You lack time and resources

Like any other marketing strategy, SEO needs time, effort, and consistency. If you’re expanding or getting busier in your business and SEO is no longer given much attention, don’t hesitate to hire an SEO consultant. There is no harm in delegating, and calling for an expert to make sure that SEO as a powerful tool helps leverage your business is a good move in a growing brand. It’s best that you focus on other areas of the business affairs. 

7. You get frustrated with SEO jargons

SEO is an expertise that needs to be learned. You have to know terms, their definitions, process, and techniques so that your endeavors will succeed. If you or your team find SEO terms causing a headache, it’s time to get an SEO specialist. SEO consultants see these jargons as common language and work with them with ease. Here are some examples of SEO jargons: 

  • Alt tag – The text displayed when the image doesn’t load. 
  • Anchor text – A word or phrase that works as the link in your content 
  • Cloaking – Displaying different content to the audience and to search engines which can get you penalized or banned 
  • Keyword stuffing – Repeating keywords in a piece or content very often 
  • Meta description – The description of the website, blog, or post that helps search engines in deciding when to display it and in what order in relation to search terms used. 
  • XML sitemap – A file that gives search engine crawlers a map of the various URLs your site contains 

8. You don’t know where to start your analysis

Analyzing the results of your SEO efforts is very critical to determine your next marketing steps. If you have written valuable content, used keywords, improved technical SEO, and so on, but you can’t seem to understand the numbers you’re getting, it’s best to get a consultant. The consultant will start by looking at the numbers and then improve strategy to help your business. 

Final thoughts 

There is no doubt that SEO is a crucial digital marketing technique that you should invest in. As a business, you surely want to be visible, be ahead of the competition, keep up with technological innovations and customer evolution, convert more sales, and continue to develop other aspects to expand your brand. When you see the six signs in we’ve provided above in your business, let go of second thoughts and get an SEO consultant to help you out. 

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