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10 Marketplaces Which Can Help You Grow Online

10 Marketplaces Which Can Help You Grow Online

Due to several technological advancements these days, entrepreneurs can find many avenues with which to grow their business online without having to spend a single dollar. If you’re just a startup company, you can’t afford to invest tons of cash without having any guarantee that your efforts as an organization will succeed. In this day and age when technology starts to take over the development world, most companies usually see outsourcing as a good way for them to grow online. If you, as a business owner, believe that outsourcing can increase the productivity and online presence of your business, check out these ten online marketplaces that provide access to many talented people who are experts in different categories:

1. Upwork

It’s one of the most popular freelance sites on the web right now. Being a prominent freelancing site based in Mountain View and San Francisco, California, Upwork provides a wide array of people who are experts in content writing, website design, web hosting and development, SEO work and more. Its objective is to connect an array of businesses with talented people sans any limitations, and build economic opportunities for those who want to make their lives better.

With the help of modern technology, Upwork has become a web-based platform that brings trust and visibility to remote work. With thousands to millions of online jobs available on this freelancing site each year, freelancers and other remote workers can earn more money by offering businesses with many different skills across more than 75 categories of work.

Thus, if you’re looking for designers, content creators, WordPress theme developers, and many more, this site can be a great marketplace to help you find the right people who will make your online business a huge success.

2. No BS Marketplace

If you want to increase your business’ brand exposure and, later on, grow your business to success, NO BS Marketplace can be a highly-recommended marketplace to work with. It has access to over 10,000 of the most visible online publishers and influencers that suit your business niche. By working with the world’s largest digital publisher marketplace, you’ll have an instant connection with a global network of magazines, media outlets, influencers, bloggers, and even business owners. This can help you long term to grow your business into the powerhouse you want it to be.

3. Toptal

Created by well-experienced engineers, Toptal is a great hiring platform that gives you a vast array of people who will eventually become part of your team. It’s composed of successful entrepreneurs who want to expand the site’s exclusive network of great talents in the field of design, business, and technology across the globe.

If you’re in need of people who are technology experts such as site developers, designers, project managers, and finance experts, Top

tal can be the right marketplace for you. It connects the top 3% technology talents around the world who will work hard to bring you on top and make your business more productive. With this site, looking for the perfect people who can code or write in relation to web development and web design can be made more accessible.


Most businesses, in order to succeed, need the support of highly-skilled individuals to do challenging tasks for them. And you can probably find these talented people in the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking nations, wherein English is used not only in daily conversation but also as a primary medium of instruction. Majority of Filipinos possess some degree of fluency in English, the use of which extends to other fields such as law and business. Due to this proficiency, the Philippines h

as become an attractive place for foreigners to partake in its English as a Second Language (ESL) programs. This also makes Filipinos a competitive choice for outsourcing. Aside from being skilled in many fields, they have also been known to show exceptional work ethic by handling any situation with a positive attitude on top of being constantly adaptable and resilient.

If you’re looking for talented Filipino freelancers, use as an outsourcing platform. There, you can see countless options of Filipino workers who possess essential cultural traits, advanced education, and proficiency in English. From programmers, web designers, SEO specialists to social media experts and virtual assistants, you can get these talents to help make your business thrive online.

5. 99designs

A well-designed logo is one of the most important investments a business can make in terms of branding. It can help your business look professional, thereby gaining your audience’s trust—not to mention that it also gives your company the kind of attention you want in the first place. The symbols and other elements you see in a logo can be a succinct way of providing information about your business. If you want to make a significant impact on your business’ public perception, invest in having a logo.

Given this situation, 99designs can be a great logo marketplace to run to. It’s an online platform that gives anyone the opportunity to organize a logo contest based on the criteria you’re looking for. From there, experienced logo designers and artists can join in the competition by submitting their designs. Aside from letting you have access to countless designers in the online world, what’s good about utilizing this marketplace is that it allows you to interact with the designers so you can request for changes on the designs they’ve made, thereby letting you further customize the logo you want for your company.

6. Fiverr

Again, you don’t really need a large budget to outsource the best people who will do the kind of work you need to grow your business. With a lower budget, you’ll have the chance to work with amazing writers, marketers, photographers, video creators, designers, and web developers with Fiverr. That’s because their team is composed of technology, marketing, finance, design, general and admin, and data-driven people who can help any business succeed in its objectives. Moreover, this web-based online outsourcing platform allows you to know the price upfront since they offer no hourly rates but a fixed price. They also have a shared dashboard that enables you to track your team’s activity and make sure everyone stays on track. When it comes to answering questions and resolving issues, Fiverr is available 24/7.

Hence, if you need content creators for SEO purposes, developers for an increased online presence, or marketers for increased conversion rates, this online marketplace can be an ideal option.

7. Zirtual

As an entrepreneur, you have a lot of things to accomplish to set your business apart from the rest of your co

mpetitors. Unfortunately, nobody is superhuman, and you can’t do every aspect of your business on your own. If you want to focus on your organization’s most critical tasks, having a virtual assistant who can take care of some of your other activities can lessen your workload and let you zero in on more crucial responsibilities that need your attention. From planning meetings to coordinating your busy schedule and managing leads, you can find that kind of person in Zirtual. It’s an online marketplace that offers access to the industry’s most experienced virtual assistants who will take admin tasks off your plate.

8. Clarity

Being a startup owner means learning about anything that can help your business grow. If you’re looking for insights and resources about managing your own startup, Clarity may be the platform you need. It features a variety of experts in the business field who are willing to provide advice about certain areas like email marketing, budget raising, social media marketing, and even how to make a blog. At a very low price, you’ll have access to valuable pieces of advice from experts, which can help steer your business in the right direction.

9. PeoplePerHour

If your business needs people who specialize in design, development, marketing, and writing, PeoplePerHour can be a reliable online marketplace. Its connects customers with the right kind of people who can do the job by using an artificial intelligence system that matches and contacts the right freelancer based on the specifications that the customer has provided. With this online platform, you can enjoy fixed-priced offers that give you the freedom to test ideas. If you have a to-do project in mind, PeoplePerHour allows you to post it using their project writing tool wherein freelancers can respond with their proposal in just a matter of minutes. The fantastic thing about this marketplace is the fact that every person you’ll be dealing with is hand-curated to ensure the quality and reliability of the results.

10.Creative Market

When it comes to web design, graphics like icons and illustrations, blog themes, logos, and other content management systems, Creative Market can also be a perfect marketplace that can help your business grow online. With thousands of creators and experts, you can find the right team of people who will make your site stand out from the rest and eventually produce more leads.


Growing your business in this demanding industry requires more than just knowledge. It requires the help of key individuals who are skilled in the areas of your business you need to expand. Remember, having the right combination of experts in place can turn more leads into sales, so choose the perfect marketplace that suits your needs and budget, and enjoy the return on investment in no time.

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