What are people saying about ATJEU?

These quotes are taken directly from public forums found at many of the top hosting directories. These are our customers own words posted of their own accord.

We have been an Atjeu client since 2000 and the greatest compliment I can pay them is that we have never considered using another provider. We have experienced very little down time in 8 years and whenever we have had a problem it has been dealt with very efficiently.

Arjay Web Services and its WebNameHost subsidiary have been satisfied clients of the Atjeu data centre since 2002. Atjeu setup is fast, their tech support thorough, and their people knowledgeable professionals who keep their customers happy. We’d recommend them to anyone in need of dedicated servers.

I have been a happy customer of Atjeu since 2004. Reasonable pricing and amazing response time are the keys to their success. Thanks for the great service and I strongly recommend Atjeu.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your team at Atjeu for
the fantastic support you gave me during the transfer of the server .
I really did appreciate very much, it was above any standard .
Bravo again and thank you , this was very professionally done .

We feel very fortunate for finding Atjeu. After more than 10 years being in this business and having servers almost in most of the bigger datacenters we did find the best, is simple like that. All the datacenters we did test had techs that fail in the relationship with the client, instead with Atjeu they focus in the relationship with they clients, they care about your servers and problems like a mother to her child.
In a very competitive and risky business like this you need an extremely great people with the correct knowledge in the other side to be successful. We look forward to a continued long business relationship with you guys.
Thank you for the outstanding customer service as allways.

Since relocating our numerous domains to Atjeu’s servers, we have experienced phenomenal and competent technical support and customer service. Frankly, Atjeu makes you feel like you are their only customer. Tickets are resolved, typically, within minutes. You can’t ask for more than that. Your search for reliable and customer sensitive hosting services has ended – right now, right here.

Just wanted to send a note and let you know that I think Atjeu is one of the best server providers out there. I’ve been doing business online for over 7 years and in the process, have at one point or another hosted my websites with all the major providers. Finally 4 years ago, I stumbled on Atjeu and have since expanded my business and moved all my servers to you guys due to the high level of service that you provide and the speed at which you resolve any problems that arise. I’m still amazed at your response time when you reply to a support ticket. Keep up the great work!

“We’ve utilized Atjeu’s services for years, and couldn’t be more pleased.
Excellent customer service, tech support, and value.”

I have been marketing online for over 4 years and during my early years of being online it has been a bumpy ride for me. In those early years I have been switching from one webhosting company to another due to frequent downtimes and really bad support. All of that changed when I found Atjeu.com.This is the first time that I have hosted my websites without ever switching to another provider for over two years. As for the customer support, I can vouch for you that it is lightning fast (about 2 minutes response time). For me, any webhosting support ticket that goes unanswered beyond 30 minutes is a complete waste of time especially when your websites are running mission critical datas.
Kudos to all staffs of Atjeu.

Years ago I have moved my dedicated server to Atjeu and never I have regreted it. I manage a worldwide fax-, sms- and letter-service and reliability and quickness is important for my company. Atjeu offers all of this with his excellent support. In the meantime I have some more dedicated servers with Atjeu to convert file-formats and manage all our client-accounts and forward documents to special fax- and sms-servers worldwide. Thanks to all the staff of Atjeu

“Having tested major and small datacenters, I am more than satisfied with
the service atjeu providing for me last 7 yrs.. The prices are reasonable
and the network is reliable. Best of all the support is the fastest in the
industry. Atjeu provide you 24/7 support with a team of friendly staff.”

We’ve been with Atjeu for about 3 years now, and we’ve never been more pleased. Their service is comparable with the best, and since the beginning they have been very helpful. The high-level techs are always willing to help, especially on teething issues where first-level support might not be able to solve. Network and server performance have been excellent; we have millions of pageviews a month for our classifieds, and even with this amount of traffic, we manage to keep things working smoothly with Atjeu’s help! Highly Recommended!

I have never found a hosting company better than atjeu.com
” I must say I am very happy to stay with you. I am a total newbie to linux and after 3 server crashes at R…shack i was really frightened to move to a dedi again. I am still afraid of servers crashes, but i feel much more tranquil with you…dealing with tech (they must hate my ignorance!) is like asking a question to daddy…this is good!! good and nice support, Thanks I own 2 paid to click sites, 4/5 safelists and some similar stuff; I would like to put a banner of you here and there, as thanks for helping me. If you want, just advise where i can pick up your banner, i’ll do the rest.” -Ciao from Stresa

“One year has passed since we became Atjeu customers, and we feel it’s the time to give the people at Atjeu credit for what they have meant to us. We’ve been using Atjeu since September last year. As a web application development and web design company we at eaktion.com needed a public server we could manage on our own, as we decided to offer web hosting to our customers. In this way we can optmize our applications and cut development costs. We made a thorough review of the market and started with two dedicated servers: one at Atjeu and another one at a much bigger company. The choice of the two companies was based on the most advantageous price/quality offer. After a few days and some enquires to both companies, we dropped the other one as it was clear to us, that Atjeu responsiveness was far superior. We need a company, we can rely on, to be reliable to our customers ourselves. Today we are proud of having chosen Atjeu because we’re sure, that choice has been one of the keys to our competitive edge. We had a trouble once a few weeks after we had rolled out our development server. It was a Saturday, at a time in the middle of the night, when we were testing our CMS system (3.a.m. our time) and we told to ourselves, “ok, every cloud has a silver lining, we use this as a further test, of our server supplier this time!”. We sent Atjeu an email to seek help, and to our astonishment after only 4 minutes we got an answer and after a total of 10 minutes (actually 9) our problem was solved. This was the ultimate test to us. And I know now what it means to exceed customer expectations. Since last October Atjeu has constantly anticipated our wishes with their offers and upgrade of service. This has saved us time, given us the peace of mind of knowing, we can count on their expertise to keep pace with the development on this field and, ultimately, it has helped us to stay competitive. We look forward to more years of cooperation with Atjeu and close for now by saying a big thank you all Atjeu!”

“Having had my hands burnt by a number of other dedicated server hosting companies, I tried Atjeu. From the beginning I knew I had made the right choice. I phoned to check on set-up time, the reply was it would take about 2 hours, but the processor for the server I wanted was not due in till tomorrow but if I needed the server sooner they would set-up the server now and change the processor tomorrow. I opted to wait, so the following day the server was set-up as promised. I have had to call on the tech support a few times and have always found hem to be very helpful.”

“When i got my dedicated server I have to admit I was pretty clueless as Id never owned or run a server before. Whoever I went with had to be reliable as my web sites are my living. After reading a few good reviews about Atjeu on the net and comparing prices I thought I would give them a go. That was about 18 months ago and ive never looked back! Being in the U.K. and a time difference of about minus 8 hours you would expect to be a bit concerned about the tech support I would get should anything go wrong, well I have put that to the test a few times, one example: it was one a.m. their time, about 9am in the UK, the server went down and being the begining of the days trade I was some what anxious – not a problem, Atjeu had it back up in 10 minutes! I have nothing but praise for the way they have dealt with my many support questions, if you don’t host with these guys you are either stupid, mad or both.”

“I have been around… Changed quite a few hosts, dedicated as well as virtual. I must say that Atjeu fulfilled ALL of my requirements. They are quick to reply, usually takes just 5-10 minutes and always go extra mile to help you out. A host that i will fight for if i will have to!!!”

“I have much experience in dealing with web hosting companies, so when I joined Atjeu it was a breath of fresh air. Their technical support is very very good, no waiting for days on end for a reply. Setting up of the account was made simple too, I am using a dedicated server, not knowing anything about how to set one up, they were only too happy to help me out and answer my never ending questions! Great technical support, Server speed is excellent, good value for money.”

“The Star Wars Combine has been with Atjeu for over a year now, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. At times I thought that I was their only client, which of course I know is not true. However it is indicative of the great customer service at Atjeu, always fast, friendly and courteous. Atjeu is a premier Internet host provider, quality defined!
Dwight Gosnell — Quality Customer Service Blazing Fast Speed.”

“From the first contact up to right now the service of Atjeu was very good and their work is very professional. We have arranged a special deal concerning a backup strategy using a secondary hard disk combined to an organisational agreement – and it works very fine.”

“Been with Atjeu for nearly 1 year and 6 months. Have been with several hosting compies before that. Have had good customer service response even deleving into areas that are not their responsibility sometimes. As they have grown have had some down time. But that seems to be taken care of. Have always reacted to our concerns with thoughtful attention and effort above the call of duty. Have always been able to reach in a very reasonable amount of time.”

“What I most like about Atjeu is the sense of personal attention they give & the speedy response to emailed requests at any time of day or night.”

“Excellent value on dedicated servers, support beyond the call of duty.”

“We’ve been customers since nov 2000 and never had a problem. The network is fast, support is excellent, the price is good. 100% satisfied.”

“Only been with you guys/gals since January/03, but wanted to say “Thank You” for all you do. Really pleased with the “super” support and the uptime :) It’s my first server and although I had a bit of a learning curve to hurdle in the beginning, your tech support was/is very tolerant. Kudos to y’all…”