Premium Cloud Monitoring


Is your server being monitored at all times?


Monitoring your server’s uptime is a critical task for system administrators.  You need to know immediately if there is a problem with your server so you can act on it and get the problem resolved as quickly as possible.  But what if you are sleeping or on vacation or in an important business meeting where you cannot be disturbed?

This is why Atjeu created our premium monitoring services.  Atjeu’s premium monitoring services enable our skilled technicians to get urgent alerts when your server is down or not responding correctly.  Because our data center is staffed by our own local technicians 24x7x365, we can quickly react and start to immediately investigate what is going on with your server.  Our technicians will open a ticket in our support desk on your behalf so that any work done on the server can be tracked.  You also get a notifications when we open a ticket for you so you can see that we are taking care of the problem.

We have designed our premium monitoring services with different tiers that will fit any budget.  You can chose how often you would like our monitoring service to check your server.


Per Month
Per Month
Per Month
Per Month
Per Month
Monitoring Interval*
Ping Monitoring
Web Server Monitoring
Open Ticket Open Ticket Open Ticket Open Ticket Open Ticket

*Monitoring interval means how often our cloud monitoring server is checking your server.  So if you have our 5 minute monitoring plan, we check to verify your server is online every 5 minutes.