Cpanel Licenses




External Cpanel Licenses

Do you have a server that is NOT hosted in our Phoenix data center?  If so, you can choose from our external Cpanel licenses below.

Atjeu is an authorized cPanel® Distributor and Partner Noc. cPanel® with Web Hosting Manager® is by far the best Control panel system for web hosting. cPanel® is a control panel for the client side, and Web Hosting Manager (WHM®) is a control panel for the server adminstrator. Both cPanel® and WHM® come together in a single package called a “cPanel® License”. There are two ways to get a cPanel® license from Atjeu. You can either lease a dedicated server from Atjeu that includes cPanel® or add cPanel® to any of our dedicated servers, or you can buy a license for cPanel® and use it externally.

Dedicated Servers With Cpanel

Are you looking for a dedicated server hosted in Atjeu’s Phoenix Data Center?  You can easily add Cpanel to any of our build your own dedicated servers here or you can purchase a server that is specifically designed to run Cpanel here


1 Year
2 Year
3 Year
License Duration 2 Years 3 Years
License Type Dedicated Server Dedicated Server
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* Updates are for the 1, 2 or 3 year licenses for when they expire.  The updates allow you to continue to keep your cpanel server up to date with the latest patches and newest versions.