Remote Colocation Services

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Do you live in a location that is not within driving distance of Atjeu’s data center?  Atjeu offers specifically designed services for our remote colocation clients who do not live near our facility and need to ship their server(s) to us.

Why Ship Your Servers To Atjeu?

Listed below are some of the many reasons why businesses choose to ship their servers to Atjeu Hosting:


We are located in Phoenix Arizona which boasts the highest annual percentage of sunny skies in the United States.  This is ideal for minimizing the potential for problems due to weather which so many US cities have problems with.

Many U.S. Cities have a regular tornado season that can cause severe damage to businesses and even data centers.  Phoenix Arizona does not have a tornado season like that and is relatively safe from this potential downtime.


Phoenix is also free of Hurricanes since we are not near the coast.  Everyone knows how devastating a hurricane can be.  Especially after the recent hurricane Sandy which effected New York and New Jersey so bad and even the Katrina hurricane before that.  Many data centers were without power for extended periods of time because of the storms.


While there is snow in the mountains in Arizona, it does not snow in Phoenix at all where our data center is located.   Heavy snow can cause power outages and presents a big problem for transportation which could also effect data center support systems.


The floods caused by hurricanes and other coastal weather patterns can often cause more damage then the winds and the rain can.  The city of Phoenix has been specifically engineered to mitigate any kind of flash floods that may occur in the local dessert