Premium Cloud VPS Servers


Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

There are lots of companies selling “cloud” products today.  It is important that you understand what you are buying because there is a difference!  A cloud server is a virtual private server.  Many virtual servers can reside on a single physical server.  So in order for you to have a “cloud server” your virtual server could be sitting on only one physical server.  If that server fails, then all of the virtual servers which are on that server would be down.

Many cloud providers also pack in a lot of cloud servers on each of their physical servers.  They are actually able to overcommit the resources from the physical server.  This means that they are selling more cloud servers then they actually have the ability to support on their hardware and this can cause major problems when everyone wants to start using the resources that they paid for.  This is how companies can sell cloud servers for so cheap.  They are banking on the fact that you will not need to use all of your resources.

Atjeu’s Cloud VPS is Different

Unlike many other cloud providers, Atjeu’s premium cloud servers are built on a redundant cluster of servers rather than simply on a single stand alone server.  This  means that we use redundant storage, as well as redundant servers in our cluster.  If the physical server that your cloud server is on fails, you will be automatically failed over to another server in the cluster.

Atjeu also does not overcommit our server resources.  So we guarantee that you will be able to use 100% of the resources that you have purchased at anytime that you need them.

Per Month
Per Month
Per Month
Per Month
CPU 8 Core
Disk Space 500 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
IP Addresses 5 IPs
DVD DDoS Protection
Root Access
Automatic Failover
Guaranteed Resources
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