Atjeu Hosting is part of Atjeu Publishing LLC and is dedicated to internet hosting and colocation. Originally founded in 1989, Atjeu Publishing LLC entered the internet market in 1995 with the prolific start of the World Wide Web (WWW). Initially Atjeu did website design exclusively, but quickly expanded into the hosting side of the business allowing Atjeu to provide total package solutions to their customers, Atjeu began offering shared/virtual hosting. As the hosting side of the business grew, the administration at Atjeu became less and less satisfied with the quality of service it was receiving from its co-location providers. The situation continued to deteriorate regardless of who Atjeu was using. Since Atjeu has very high standards in regards to technical support, quality of bandwidth and quality of service and did not want to compromise this service to its customers, Atjeu had to make a change. Unable to find a reasonably priced high quality co-location facility, Atjeu decided to build its own facility in order to have complete control over what it could provide to its customers in terms of both quality of service and product offerings. Today Atjeu’s facilities boast dedicated redundant fiber optic connections, only the highest quality Next-Gen bandwidth providers, and redundancy, redundancy, redundancy!

At Atjeu, our motto has always been to know our customers by name. We like to maintain the small company atmosphere while at the same time providing reliable cutting edge hosting solutions to our customers. Many people are fed up with the big corporate atmosphere and huge companies that spring up overnight and disappear the next day. Atjeu is founded on financial principles that make sense; principles that should keep Atjeu around for the long haul. Many companies will spring up overnight and offer products and services well below their cost with the intention of selling their customer base within a short period of time. Most of these companies know full well they are not profitable and cannot continue to be a viable company in the long-term. That has never been the goal of Atjeu. Our goal is to build long term individual business relationships that stand the test of time and that are mutually beneficial to both our customers, your customers, and our respective companies profitability.

Atjeu’s no-compromise attitude has led to Atjeu being one of the highest quality and yet still reasonably priced hosting companies on the internet today. Providing service to companies all around the globe, Atjeu is known for its quality tech support, friendly atmosphere, and high-speed redundant network. Your company and your customers will benefit from the quality and pricing of Atjeu’s services. Come and join our team and let us serve you!